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Steve Walker Memorial Trial, Draughton 2/7/2017

East Morten landlord Martin Crosswaite took a day of to compete and win the annual Steve Walker Memorial Trial at Draughton on Sunday. The West Leeds club staged the event on a brand new trials course created with hours of hard work cutting back bushes and moving rocks to mark out a fourteen section course which tested all forty nine competitors. Leeds veteran David Walker, father of Liam Walker, had an eventful day. Section thirteen was unlucky for David as he lost control of his Beta machine and fell into bushes under the machine which took in his leg round the rear wheel. His wife Janet was observing the section and climbed up and stopped the engine and then managed to lift, unaided, the machine and free her husband. Despite that experience David continued and ironically finished in the thirteenth place in the Clubman B class. Son Liam, fresh from fifth place in the British trials championship in Devon on Saturday, finished fourth behind East Keswick brothers Ben and Dan Hemingway. Mirfield's Andrew Jackson and Pudsey's Mark Chippendale won the clubman classes. Bradford novice Keiran Child won the Sam Ludgate Trophy.

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