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A Flipping Good Time

It was about a year ago, the nights were drawing in, geese began to migrate, and rodents started their hibernation, the countryside fell silent, well not quite.

You now started to hear the calls of the Lesser Spotted Trials Organiser, one call is a high pitched "What are you doing next September" another "The scenery is brill" and finally "You get paid".

To silence him I recommend you reply "Yes, Howard I will observe The White Rose Trial" coz what a brilliant day I had this year.

These were some of the highlights. .

Myself, Simon Green and Nige buzzing along the quiet Wharfedale roads in the starship Pearson followed closely by Gaz and Andy "the good life". Riding over the moors then observing section 4 was fantastic, giving something back to the sport (Howard's phrase).

Then the real fun really began....

We rode miles and mile of the route behind the riders over unspoilt breathtaking scenery. It was just beyond Chippies stream section that I attempted to get up newly named Brodie Bank. Last year, on the 4th attempt riding my trusty yellow 200 Gasser; I ended up dismounting just yards from the top I "wanged" the bike and it made it to the top, I did not.

This year I adopted a different method.

Flip 1

Skiers zig zag down slopes so I attempted the same technique, but in reverse. Big mistake, as I changed direction, from zig to zag, the bike held grip and wheelied over my head, look for it on Nige Pearson's facebook, it's a pearler.

Flip 2

Arm pump was well set in by now, on my second attempt up Brodie bank, not sure what happened but let's just say the bike and me separated company then a painful coming together took place, footrest clattered left go-nad, rendering me motionless, like having a football kicked there or having been tazered I imagine, I then began to smell burning leg from the now red hot exhaust pipe.

If it wasn't for my helpful pal Nige I think I would still be there.

On a more serious note, it was heart stopping to see the air ambulance swoop in to a stream section further on, not another injured rider needing their help to hospital I thought, but all seemed well as it flew off over the horizon and club stalwart Malcolm (gate man for the day) made a full recovery.

This fantastic day ended with a pint outside the Buck Inn with my 4 pals as the sun dipped behind the hills.

Well done to the riders, other observers and to all the organisers, looking forward to next year's White Rose Trial already.

Russ Brodie