Past Winners

1961 B Wilkinson
1962 D Clegg
1963 K Garside
1964 PH Gaunt
1965 JR Sayer
1966 B Holden
1967 CJ Hemingway
1968 B Wilkinson
1969 CJ Hemingway
1970 PH Gaunt
1971 RM Shepherd
1972 PH Gaunt
1973 T Wright
1974 K Lister
1975 J Metcalfe
1976 RM Shepherd
1977 N Jefferies
1978 RM Shepherd
1979 MC Rathmell
1980 P Cartwright
1981 P Cartwright
1982 MC Rathmell
1983 P Cartwright
1984 S Saunders
1985 J Reynolds
1986 I Weatherill
1987 J Lampkin
1988 G Scholey
1989 I Weatherill
1990 P Alderson
1991 P Alderson
1992 R Crawford
1993 D Lampkin
1994 D Lampkin
1995 R Crawford
1996 S Colley
1997 D Lampkin
1998 W Braybrooke
1999 D Thorpe
2000 J Lampkin
2002 G Jarvis
2003 D Thorpe
2004 G Jarvis
2005 G Jarvis
2006 G Jarvis
2007 I Austermuhle
2008 D Thorpe
2009 S Haslam
2010 S Haslam
2011 P Disney
2012 I Austermuhle
2013 I Austermuhle
2014 I Austermuhle
2015 R Sadler
2016 G Kendrew
2017 R Sadler

2018 T Minta

2019 D Peace

Next White Rose Trial

13th Setember 2020

White Rose

Tom Minta

Dan Peace

Winner 2019

White Rose Ramblings

Leading off the field this year, West Leeds clubman rider, Richard Pearson, headed off into the brilliant sunshine with a contingent of riders from Jersey in tow.

147 out of the 164 riders entered turned up to ride this year which was a warm bright day and perfect trialling weather for both riders and observers.

With the Peace brothers riding it was the elder brother Dan who took the win on the White Rose Course losing a single dab.

On the 50/50 route it was fairly close marking at the top, but Hillsborough rider, Gavin Black, just held off Richard Williams to take the win on this route.
Repeating his win of two years ago, Scottish rider Alan McDonald took top spot on the clubman route, not having a single five certainly helped him, and being an early number just goes to prove that an early number is not a disadvantage.

Katy Sunter was once again the best female rider and riding the 50/50 route.

We have had lots of positive comments, with some riders writing glowing reports, thanks to all for those.



Trial History

Back in 1958 Reg Roberts a West Leeds member became disillusioned with riding small course events and dreamed of running a one lap long distance trial.

After over two years of planning, obtaining permissions, plotting sections etc the first event was run as a West Yorkshire Group trial.

The trial was originally named the Dancaster Trial, named after the first President of the club, Harry Dancaster, in 1947. This name remained until 1976 when the trial was awarded national status and the White Rose Trophy was donated by the Royalty Inn, which was the pub in Pudsey where the club met for their business meetings at the time

Having run two years successfully as a group trial the event was then upgraded to a Yorkshire Centre trial for the next ten events.

The club was keen to run the event as a national trial, but before that could take place the event had to run as a Regional Restricted for 3 years.

These 3 events were vetted by an ACU steward from each of the three invited Centres, who confirmed that the event was of a good enough standard to be run as a national, and so the White Rose was born.

Awarded a National status in 1976.


2019 Results Trivia

Total sections ridden 5640

Total cleans scored 2686
Total fives scored 576

Retirements 10

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