Above: Tom Minta
White Rose winner 2018: Photo Credit: Nige Pearson

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Business Meeting : Club HQ

13th June 2019 : 20:00

The monthly meeting to discuss club business, all club members welcome.

Stan Pitts Centre Event : Halton Gill

16th June 2019 : 11:00

A centre championship event. Long/Lat: 54.179/ -2.176 Nearest Postcode BD23 5QN..
Refreshments will be available, but no fuel.

Regulations here...

Novice & Beginners Trial : Post Hill

22/06/2019: 13:00

A new format for the club series, Entries on the day available.

Regulations here...

Current list of riders eligible for their free entry in this series..

Steven Fowler, Nick Hammerton, Steve Wicks, Max Chadwick (50%)


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John Bolton Trial

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White Rose : John Bolton : Nutexa
Stan Pitts : Steve Walker

Overgate Hospice MTB Ride

Many trials riders also ride mountain bikes as part of Overgate MTBtheir fitness regime, if you are one of those you may be interested in this mountain bike ride taking place on the 23rd June, starting at 9:00am from Overgate Hospice, 30 Hullen Edge Rd, Elland, HX5 0QY. Choose from either a 19 or a 27 mile route enter on the day or pre-register at


Stan Pitts Trial

THE END OF TRIALS AT HALTON GHYLL? Anyone who has been involved with trials for a while will know just how much land has been lost to clubs through changes of ownership and government schemes, we have been particularly hard hit over the last few years and have lost Kilnsey, Foxup, Draughton and Cawder Hall. It would therefore seem inconceivable that we should be considering walking away from a venue as good as Halton Ghyll, yet that is the situation we find ourselves in, over the last couple of years the entries have been so poor that a proposal was put to the club that we should not run any further trials there, this was narrowly defeated and it was decided to give it one last chance, we really need your support! Another poor entry will seal its fate, it's a cracking piece of land a 3-4 mile lap with Scottish type sections, can we really afford lose it?

Further support is also required in the shape of observers with bikes who can travel to some of the far out sections. As the event is an all moorland course, this rules out anything other walking or riding to the sections.

We need your support on both counts, please help us keep this event running!

John Bolton Trial

It would seem that the wet and windy day at Skyrakes deterred some riders from attending our annual novice trial, judging by the entry list. Even though the wet weather made for slippery conditions the event turned out to be a low scoring one. Tom Middleton, a Horsforth member managed to go clean. The first 6 riders all separated by one mark. The Stephenson family had a field day going home with their 3 riders taking a trophy each.

Post Hill Novice & Beginners RD3

No clean rounds for this the 3rd event in our Novice & Beginners series. The winners on each route coming close all in single figures. Steve Fowler just managing to take the win on the main route again by the slender margin of one mark from club secretary Mark Chippendale. On the beginners route Steve Wicks, a joint winner from the last round took top spot losing 3 marks this time around.

Once again the weather was reasonably kind a dry day, but a little cooler than of late.