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The Ordeal John Bolton One man's account of his SSDT experience, inspiring stuff.
The Start Area Paul Whitaker A recounting of the various start area's which have been used for the White Rose Trial.
Scottish 1950 Malcolm Adams An account of an SSDT from yesteryear.
Scotland 1989 Peter Walton An account of my first SSDT experience.
John Arnold Teal Paul Whitaker The full transcipt of a piece written by Paul for the use of the service leader during his address at the late Arnold Teal's service.
A Flipping Good Time Russ Brodie An account of one observer/helper experiences at the White Rose Trial.
Memories of a Great Bike Malcolm Adams Personal account of a favourite bike.
A Walk In The Park Paul Whitaker Recollections of a disastrous first attempt at the Scott Trial.
A Good Idea John Bolton Personal recollections of bike preparation for a continental trip.
White Rose 2022 Barry Robinson The last ever White Rose report from the master journalist.